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# Ruby Mailing Lists

There are several English speaking mailing lists (MLs) to talk about Ruby language itself.
  • One is ruby-talk, which deals with general topics about Ruby.
  • Another is ruby-core, which deals with core / implementation topics about Ruby, often used to run patches for review.
  • There is also ruby-doc, discussing documentation standards and tools for Ruby.
Messages in ruby-talk ML and comp.lang.ruby  (See FAQ ) are replicated via a ML-NetNews gateway each other.

Official Lists

To subscribe to a mailing list, please send a mail with the following mail body (not the subject):
    subscribe Your-First-Name Your-Last-Name
    subscribe Joseph Smith
to the automated "controller" address.

To unsubscribe from a list, send a mail which body is "unsubscribe" to the controller address.

To see the list of commands, send a mail which body is "help" to the controller address.

You can read archived mails at the past mail archive site: ruby-talk  / ruby-core . ruby-talk list has another archive .

Check Ruby Weekly News  to see what happend in the last week in ruby-talk.

CVS List

Want to receive CVS commit mails?

Subscribe to the ruby-cvs list, which controller address is [email protected].

Japanese Lists

Want to know what Japanese are/have been discussing? Try machine translation by Altavista - World / Translate  translation service.
  • ruby-list , the senior Ruby mailing list in Japanese.
  • ruby-dev , the developers' mailing list. (Recent threads are summarized in English almost once a week; here is the lists .)
  • ruby-ext , the mailing list for extension developers.
  • ruby-math , the mailing list for mathematical topics.

Other lists

  • There's a French ruby mailing list. Send a subscription request to [email protected].
  • There's an announcement mailing list, [email protected] , for people who want to stay up to date with ruby module releases and other announcements. Follow the link on the page for subscription and archive details. This is a moderated low traffic list for announcements only.


If your mail box/server has rejected mails or caused bounces repeatedly, we may suspend the subscription without notice. In that case, make sure the problem is gone or fixed and subscribe again.

You can check the subscription status by sending a mail which body is "status" to the controller address(es). The commands to resume and suspend a subscription are "on" and "off", respectively. (Only applicable to the lists run by

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